LEDON LAMP GmbH’s powerful Candlestick lamps

LEDON lamps have been designed in such a way (suitable flux and distribution of light) to be a replacement for standard candle bulbs 25W and 40W with E14 without altering the nature of the illuminated space through tailored warm light color and its full spectrum

Candlestick LEDON LED lamps are perfectly suited for the home as well as large public buildings like museums, churches, restaurants, castles or palaces. They are available in the color of 2500K and 2200K, for different applications. At the same time they come in a version with a constant flow of light and dimmable version in the system double-click consisting in encoding the usual power switch by rapidly switching on and off, without changing the wiring.

As with all products LEDON Lamp, new lamps Candle are made on the basis of high-quality LED modules with a production plant in Jenersdorfie / Austria and  power suppliers by reputable Austrian company TRIDONIC.