New products in NARVA – Reliability and performance.

TALEXX converter TEC – “Reliable and simple”

Power supplies for LED sources TALEXX converter TEC offer the best compromise between price and performance. Focusing on core functionality, TEC series provides excellent quality and performance ensuring proper operation of the LED module. TEC TALEXX converter supports most popular LED modules, perfectly fits the series  TALEXX module STARK SLE, ensuring optimal performance and service life of the LED modules.

Optimal performance and high flexibility

If you are looking for maximum reliability with a high degree adapt your choice should be TALEXX power converter series TOP. We used all of our experience in electronic ballasts for the development of a new series of power supplies. The result of our work is a series of devices tailored to individual needs – current control and temperature control is no longer a problem. Power supplies have been designed in a very thoughtful way. Ideal for TALEXX modules SLE and DLE series.

Octagonal and round version of the TALEXX module EM START CLE ensures perfectly even illumination. We wre inspired to create this modules by round fluorescent lamps. Ideally suited for round and square frames. The module is characterized by high energy efficiency – it requires about half the power compared to the corresponding fluorescent lamps. It can be used to work as emergency lighting – a key functionality for offices and shops, as well as for traffic routes: the corridors and staircases. The occurrence in two versions – with or without a central opening –  increases the possibility to use the module.

New T8 LED Fluorescent NARVA

Also new in the family of NARVA products is a fluorescent lamp from Nature de Luxe series, commonly known as meat fluorescent lamp. Especially recommended for use in grocery stores, butchers and refrigerated display cases.